32 visitors – 9 countries

Busy 3 weeks just passed with huge international interest on our modular and compact abattoir- and meat processing solutions.

All around the world sustainability is on the agenda and it’s no surprise for us that our innovative solutions have created interest.

Change is coming to the traditional way of handling animals, biosecurity, logistics, financing and energy.

More sustainable, flexible and affordable concepts will give more people in the world access to better food in the future.

Thanks to our embassies around the world for all the effort bringing Danish, innovative products out in the world:

https://www.linkedin.com/company/tradecouncilofdenmarkssa/; https://www.linkedin.com/company/trade-council-of-denmark-in-australia/
Trade Council of Denmark in Sub-Saharan AfricaThe Trade Council of Denmark in Australia & New ZealandThe Trade Council of Denmark in Latin America

To their always comitted staff 💪 : Dorothy DellosaGarcia Honvoh ChabiBjarne NielsenLasse Pedersen Hjortshøj

And our always committed business partners and ambassadors:
Kwame B. KoduahBjarne Kornbek PedersenMartin SmithJan Bager; @Dennis Christensen, DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container SupplyTECHCOLLEGEDanish Farm Design