AVS Agric is showcasing slaughter, meat processing and cold chain solutions at Danish Pig Academy in Herning. 

SHOWROOM at Danish Pig Academy
SHOWROOM at Danish Pig Academy

AVS Agric has joined the Danish collaboration of suppliers to the global pig industry, Danish Pig Academy, and now beeing a part of the permanent showroom in Herning, Denmark.

Danish Pig Academy promotes equipment and services to pig producers worldwide through a joint showroom with 29 suppliers covering all needs from design, genetics, feeding & grain, storage, housing technology, slurry systems, green environment, finances and now also slaughtering, meat processing and cold chain solutions. The Danish Pig Academy provides pig producers the opportunity to experience the best of the Danish technology gathered in one place.

We are happy now being able to share this excellent combined knowledge with our clients.

Contact us for for organizing a visit to the showroom or book a visit HERE

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Micro abattoir solutions in Australia

Animal wellfare and profit for farmers is on the agenda in Australia.

But its a time consuming process to get the nessesary permissions, make constructions, do installations etc.

Even there are still a lot of work ahead before operations can start, we must congratulate Jonai Farms & Meatsmiths in Victoria’s Central Highlands with this milestone after almost 6 years work.

Its ABC News Australia that highlights the recent approval of this micro abattoir solutions in Victoria’s Central Highlands, that will solve the conflict of interests between smallholder farmers and large abattiors.

Australia has some of the worlds most strict requirements for abattior- and meat processing facilities. But those who have the nessesary energy to push the process can succeed. Tammi Jones and the project in Victoria’s Central Highlandswith is an example.

AVS Compact and modular slaughterhouse solutions meets the australian requirements, and is a fasttrack concept to reduce headace and time to operation significantly for entrepreniors entering the industry.

The article were posted in ABC News July 2023 by Jane McNaughton (LinkedIn)

New in abattoir business?

If you are a new player in the business of slaughtering and meat processing there noumerous questions you might have.

Some of the most important ones can be found in this document, together with our recommendations

You are always wellcome to ask for consultancy for your specific business plan.

Protect your assets.

Biosecurity is one of the most important areas of asset protection in livestock production. Doing things right will add significant risk reduction to your faciity and your investment. A number of factors will influense your biosecurity risk.

AVS Agric add serious risk reduction with our on-farm slaughter concept.

Get more insights on how to protect your pig farm:

Solid training MUST follow the product

In a complex business like butcher and meat processing its never a single component that is doing the business. To secure our client a solid business case we always offer a complete setup, with all the componenets needed.

One of the most important components is training, and its always offered to the clients whereever in the world they are located. Technical training on equipment of course, but also animal handling, processes and procedures, recipes and ingredients, packing and storing – from basic to highly advanced.

Increase value and reduce waste is the key words.

We are proud to have Techcollege as our trusted training partner on butchery and meat processing.

With the foundation as far back as in 1805, Techcollege have a long and proud history.

Today having more than 3000 students on more than 50 different educations, and a lot of international students, they have become one of the most experienced in vocational education and training you find in Europe.

And they have international ambitions: Techcollege in South Africa

Modular, movable and local is growing…

For different reasons the traditional way of handling animals is challenged. And for more and more farmers, shops and business people the value of doing slaughter closer to the farms are increasing. The Danish magazine “Fødevaremagasinet” just published an article on the trend, and some of the reasons for doing it.

And the legal framework is now in place for more decentralized slaughter and meat processing in the future… Great progress for animal wellfare, meat quality and business!


32 visitors – 9 countries

Busy 3 weeks just passed with huge international interest on our modular and compact abattoir- and meat processing solutions.

All around the world sustainability is on the agenda and it’s no surprise for us that our innovative solutions have created interest.

Change is coming to the traditional way of handling animals, biosecurity, logistics, financing and energy.

More sustainable, flexible and affordable concepts will give more people in the world access to better food in the future.

Thanks to our embassies around the world for all the effort bringing Danish, innovative products out in the world:

https://www.linkedin.com/company/tradecouncilofdenmarkssa/; https://www.linkedin.com/company/trade-council-of-denmark-in-australia/
Trade Council of Denmark in Sub-Saharan AfricaThe Trade Council of Denmark in Australia & New ZealandThe Trade Council of Denmark in Latin America

To their always comitted staff 💪 : Dorothy DellosaGarcia Honvoh ChabiBjarne NielsenLasse Pedersen Hjortshøj

And our always committed business partners and ambassadors:
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