ASF create serious defecit on pork in Philippines

With half of the pig production lost to the evil decease, Philippine government and pork industry have common interest bringing back the local production to a level of full domestic consumption.

AVS Agric have easy plug-in-solutions for biosecurity-risk-reduction in the Philippine pork industry to support the turn-around. Adding the value of lower input and higher output there is a great future for business.

Participating the Business delegation to Philippines organised by The Danish Embassy in Manila and L&F gave us the nessesary insights to convince us that we have a role to play here in the future!

AVS Agric will be back in Philippines in April for the 29th 2023 HOG Convention & Trade Exhibits in Manila, organized by National Frderation of Hog Farmers, Inc. and Pork Producers Federation of the Philippines Inc. to discuss more with the industry, farmers, government on how AVS Agric can assist on bringing Philippene Pork production back to international compeditiveness.

Meeting with Excelcior Farms Inc. , Cebu Champer of Commerce, CP Farms, and potential agents for our products in Philippines.

Together with Danbred, Breeders of Denmark, Danish Farm Concept, Skiold Group, Aco Funki, Skov and Danish Farm Design