Micro abattoir solutions in Australia

Animal wellfare and profit for farmers is on the agenda in Australia.

But its a time consuming process to get the nessesary permissions, make constructions, do installations etc.

Even there are still a lot of work ahead before operations can start, we must congratulate Jonai Farms & Meatsmiths in Victoria’s Central Highlands with this milestone after almost 6 years work.

Its ABC News Australia that highlights the recent approval of this micro abattoir solutions in Victoria’s Central Highlands, that will solve the conflict of interests between smallholder farmers and large abattiors.

Australia has some of the worlds most strict requirements for abattior- and meat processing facilities. But those who have the nessesary energy to push the process can succeed. Tammi Jones and the project in Victoria’s Central Highlandswith is an example.

AVS Compact and modular slaughterhouse solutions meets the australian requirements, and is a fasttrack concept to reduce headace and time to operation significantly for entrepreniors entering the industry.

The article were posted in ABC News July 2023 by Jane McNaughton (LinkedIn)