Protect your assets.

Biosecurity is one of the most important areas of asset protection in livestock production. Doing things right will add significant risk reduction to your faciity and your investment. A number of factors will influense your biosecurity risk.

AVS Agric add serious risk reduction with our on-farm slaughter concept.

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Solid training MUST follow the product

In a complex business like butcher and meat processing its never a single component that is doing the business. To secure our client a solid business case we always offer a complete setup, with all the componenets needed.

One of the most important components is training, and its always offered to the clients whereever in the world they are located. Technical training on equipment of course, but also animal handling, processes and procedures, recipes and ingredients, packing and storing – from basic to highly advanced.

Increase value and reduce waste is the key words.

We are proud to have Techcollege as our trusted training partner on butchery and meat processing.

With the foundation as far back as in 1805, Techcollege have a long and proud history.

Today having more than 3000 students on more than 50 different educations, and a lot of international students, they have become one of the most experienced in vocational education and training you find in Europe.

And they have international ambitions: Techcollege in South Africa