MODULAR will be the future for MEGA projects.

Just for the purpose of “no surprises” it makes sense to think modular in mega projects.

Almost all large-scale investments come with significantly more work, serious extra bills, and more technical difficulties than expected. That’s a surprising fact, since we have decades of experience on evaluating large scale projects and incorporating that knowledge into the next project – just once again to be surprised.

It should not happen in this century you could say, but since it continues to happen, it might be time to approach things different. Complexity in individual designs, where project designers, engineers and developers find their unique way, ultimately creates competitive solutions.

In an article in Harvard Business Review (Magazine November-December 2021), Professor Bent Flyvholm align several benefits with modular solutions in IT, green technology and infrastructural mega projects. So, at least on projects where “more for less” is on the agenda modular solution should be considered. With limited resources in the future, it makes so much sense.

AVS Agric are specialized in modular systems for slaughterhouses, cold chains and meat processing solutions that have exactly that purpose: Think slow, move fast, and save money.


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