There are at least 3 good reasons why decentralized slaughter is in focus in Australia.

Australian livestock producers have in recent years put a lot of focus on local slaughter of animals and processing of meat. There are various reasons why farmers and other stakeholders see this solution as the preferred one.

The logistical conditions are one of the arguments. It is well known that long-distance transport of live animals, challenges meat quality, animal welfare, and costs.

Another argument is that more and more consumers want more locally produced products on their plates. A local production with local slaughter and processing provides a greater brand value when the products are to be sold to customers.

A third but often somewhat overlooked argument is the protection against disease. Animal transports that drive to and from several different properties risk spreading infection, even if cleaning and disinfection are carried out. All over the world there is a tendency to avoid the transport of live animals for that reason. In particular, the flare-up of African swine fever among pig producers in Eastern Europe and Asia has intensified this trend in recent years.


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