Modular, movable and local is growing…

For different reasons the traditional way of handling animals is challenged. And for more and more farmers, shops and business people the value of doing slaughter closer to the farms are increasing. The Danish magazine “Fødevaremagasinet” just published an article on the trend, and some of the reasons for doing it.

And the legal framework is now in place for more decentralized slaughter and meat processing in the future… Great progress for animal wellfare, meat quality and business!


32 visitors – 9 countries

Busy 3 weeks just passed with huge international interest on our modular and compact abattoir- and meat processing solutions.

All around the world sustainability is on the agenda and it’s no surprise for us that our innovative solutions have created interest.

Change is coming to the traditional way of handling animals, biosecurity, logistics, financing and energy.

More sustainable, flexible and affordable concepts will give more people in the world access to better food in the future.

Thanks to our embassies around the world for all the effort bringing Danish, innovative products out in the world:;
Trade Council of Denmark in Sub-Saharan AfricaThe Trade Council of Denmark in Australia & New ZealandThe Trade Council of Denmark in Latin America

To their always comitted staff 💪 : Dorothy DellosaGarcia Honvoh ChabiBjarne NielsenLasse Pedersen Hjortshøj

And our always committed business partners and ambassadors:
Kwame B. KoduahBjarne Kornbek PedersenMartin SmithJan Bager; @Dennis Christensen, DC-Supply A/S – Danish Container SupplyTECHCOLLEGEDanish Farm Design

ASF create serious defecit on pork in Philippines

With half of the pig production lost to the evil decease, Philippine government and pork industry have common interest bringing back the local production to a level of full domestic consumption.

AVS Agric have easy plug-in-solutions for biosecurity-risk-reduction in the Philippine pork industry to support the turn-around. Adding the value of lower input and higher output there is a great future for business.

Participating the Business delegation to Philippines organised by The Danish Embassy in Manila and L&F gave us the nessesary insights to convince us that we have a role to play here in the future!

AVS Agric will be back in Philippines in April for the 29th 2023 HOG Convention & Trade Exhibits in Manila, organized by National Frderation of Hog Farmers, Inc. and Pork Producers Federation of the Philippines Inc. to discuss more with the industry, farmers, government on how AVS Agric can assist on bringing Philippene Pork production back to international compeditiveness.

Meeting with Excelcior Farms Inc. , Cebu Champer of Commerce, CP Farms, and potential agents for our products in Philippines.

Together with Danbred, Breeders of Denmark, Danish Farm Concept, Skiold Group, Aco Funki, Skov and Danish Farm Design

Delegation to Indonesia

17.000 Islands is leaving the worlds largest muslim muslim population with a huge challenge on food security, food safety and logistics. After visiting this diverse and amazing country there is no doupt that AVS Agric can assist on the big local agendas and same time providing much greener solutions for the future.

Thanks to The Danish Embassy in Indonesia for giving us amazing insights in Bali and Jakarta area, and to L&F for the invitation.

Meetings with CP Indonesia, IFAD, Indonesian Monogastric Association, Indonesian Beef Cattle Farmers Associasion, Japfa Comfeed, Widodo Makmur Perkasa, PT Pasir Tengah Cianjur, PT Cianjur Arta Makmur

Together with SKOV, Breeders, Novozymes, Andritz, Titan Containers and CT-Technologies

Ukraine is on the track

Our first visit to Ukraine, organised by The Danish Embassy in Kiev in coorporation with L&F . Serious insights in the local food value chain, that we trust will move fast with the nessesary investments and leadership. We are ready to work with the Ukraine investores into next level.

Visiting Vitagro, Danfarm, Ugryniv Ekofarm organised by L&F and The Danish Embassy in Kiev

Together with AB-Neo, Breeders, Nutrimin, Skiold, Danbred, Skov, Vilofoss, Aco Funki, Seges.

27 years old – still operating!

Even theese abattoir- and meat processing modules is 27 years old, and have been moved from one location to another, they are still operating today, producing high quality products, based on animals from local farms. The abattoir called “Sæby gårdslagteri” produce special cuts, hot- and cold smoked products and also dry and matures products that is well known as one of the highest qualities in the region.

Thats what we call proof of modular concept!

Visit their webpage HERE

Rwanda developing despite Covid

Serious meeting with Ministers and Industry that are ready play a key role in development in the agricultural sector in Rwands. We are happy and committed to assist on the livestock sector development for this beautiful country. Thanks to Mads Knudsen and his commited staff from Vanguard Economics for connections to the local stakeholders and The Danish Embassy in Uganda and Landbrug&Fødevarer for organizing. We will be back soon!